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At the turn of spring and summer, it is a good time to go out for an outing.
When spring is warm and flowers are blooming, camping in the wild is a very comfortable thing!
In hot summer, the most comfortable thing to do when camping outdoors is to drink cool drinks and eat fresh food.
The summer vacation is about to begin, and children who are usually busy with their studies are about to release themselves;
It's sunny in autumn, which is officially the most suitable time of the year for fishing.
We will attend National Harware Show which is in Las Vegas Convention Center, USA in May.
About the National Hardware Show
The biggest selling point of the AHIC brand of coolers is the fact that they will not break your bank account. AHIC promises to be not only one of the most affordable coolers, but also the most dependable. These coolers have double walled insulation to ensure that your beverages and snacks stay cold and fresh. In fact, it can keep contents fresh and cold for days at a time, even when exposed extreme heat. As an added bonus, the exterior is designed to never sweat.
On Nov.8th,2018, AHIC warmly welcomed our customers Mr. Francis and Mr. Dean from USA to visit our factory for a business discussion.
The latest design product BH26QT incubator freezer is officially launched
OEM/ODM orders are welcomed. We have great advantage in R&D, professional manufacturer of rotomolded LLDPE Plastic products, especially on ice Cooler box, tool box, locker, food container. With 8 yeas of experience in working with our customers from worldwide, we are viewed as a reliable strategic partner due to the level of experience and expertise offered in the development, design and commercial support of their products.
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