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TB90 Tool box

The Tool Case is built to carry heavier loads and withstand frequent shipping. Rib design to absorb shock and provide superior protection,Pull button, spring loaded handle, a heavy duty tongue and groove frame,and a rugged chemical resistant molded rib shell. The tool case is built to stand up to even the most demanding users and environments.
Material:Rotomolded polyethylene LLDPE
Process: disposable rotational molding process
Product Use: Tool Transportation, Storage and Protection

Tool Case Features & Benefits:
• Fully Customizable Interior Foam
• Crush Proof Up to 2,000 lbs
• Easy to transport
• Built to last
• Anti extrusion
• Dimensions:  Outer size:799 x 479 x 380mm
                         Inner size:754 x 437 x 288mm

Product Description

1. Rotational structure of integrated products, high strength, solid and durable.
   2. Select food and imported PE materials, environmental protection, not fade, and uvioresistant.
   3.Waterproof, Dustproof, Airtight
   4. Very stable and stackable
   5.Temperatures resistant from -40° up to 80° C


OUTSIDE. L799×W479×H380 mm 

INSIDE. L754×W437 ×H288 mm


Volume.102QT / 97 Liter

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